극저온냉동기 기술기술은 냉동장치의 핵심기술 중 하나로 Gifford-McMahon 냉동기술을 이용하여 약 8K(-265도)의 극저온까지 온도를 조절할 수 있으며 극저온 펌프 뿐만 아니라 극저온 실험 분야에서 다양하게 응용 가능

Base Temperture
1st STG[K] under 35K No Load
2nd STG[K] under 11K No Load
Cooling Capacity
1st STG[W] 13 at 77K(60Hz)
2nd STG[W] 3 at 20K(60Hz)


The core of the cryopump is a two-stage cryogenic chiller that forms a closed loop cycle with a helium compressor. This refrigerator follows the refrigeration cycle of Gifford-McMahon and can reach cryogenic temperatures below 8K (-265℃), and various line-ups are built according to the heat capacity of the first and second stages.